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Automotive Business Cards... for individual sales and service personnel and for dealerships:

We're all looking for an edge, a hook, somehting that makes us stand out from our competition. We all want the customer to remember us so we become well versed in our product, we dress the part, we act the part ... AND we hope the customer remembers us when it comes to making the buying decision. The old tried and true business card often is the one piece of collateral that we hand them that they pocket and find later.

A business card can say a lot about you. It can be plain or fancy, black and white or colorful but it is your best chance at the "be back" customer remembering you and your offer. Make the most of it. There are a lof of companies offering business cards today but most look so much alike nobody will notice yours.

At AllBizCards we work to offer cards displaying the latest models on the thickest, quality card stock with full gloss/UV coating at a price no one else can beat. You get to see the proof on line when you order - no faxing back and forth - and you can add your dealership logo for that added professional touch.

Click on the 'MANUFACTURER'S BRANDS' link at the top to select YOUR brand .

Automotive Post Cards:

OK, so today most sales people send emails as follow-ups or to say thank you or to remind the custmer who you are. But consider this: A postcard with your information and a hand written note can really make an impact. Turn your busioness card into a 4x6 post card with the latest models your dealership is featuring. Add your picture to really customize it. We've got lots of sales people breaking away from today's email menatality only to go with something special.

So, whether it';s for handing out at networking events or mailing to your prospects as a reminder or to your customewrs to say thanks... Customize them and make them YOUR OWN!
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